THIS is the landing pad of a customized mountain top,
the residence of important creatures distressed by what they are afraid of, war. They have just finished inspecting The Thing, an unexploded, crashed weapon with the words "Peace Through Law."   The craziness there is that the Buggs too believe in Peace through Law.

       Dr. Lady Bugg and Mr. Bugg, now in retirement as one of their galaxy’s leading financial experts, flee from The Thing.
      Shortly before, their peace of mind was shattered by a signalese. Their CAPITAL CITY is under siege. They are key players in the affairs of their sovereign planet. They are needed in their Captial City on a nearby planet in the HOME galaxy.
In the disunited galaxy politics, Dr. Bugg is known as ER.   Furiously they scurry to leave their mountain top with their son and his child perched on his back.

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because the BUGG FAMILY happens
to be a family living on a planet
very much like our own.  Mr. Bugg skedaddles over a golden-bubble landing-pad barrier after a cursory of The Heinous Weapon.  Dr. Lady ER Bugg, son Bugg and his daughter astridehis back,, follow.
They call their planet U-toe-Pe-yah!


In Episode One, we met four creatures fleeing an immense weapon that had been dropped – Dr.ER and Mr. (Reserve General) Bugg feared to know why and how – on the landing pad of their Customized Mountain Top's fourth residence in the galaxy. That weapon could have ruined their Home galaxy including its countless planets – and still might!
   Beyond panic, confused by dozens of sometimes contradictory war reports from other Home officials on other planets, far and near, the Family scrambled to get their space vehicle ready to take them to er CAPITAL CITY on a nearby planet. Like Utopeyah, the BUGG CAPITAL CITY planet spun around a middle-aged star called Winkle.
   Visiting the Buggs from other Home planets were two Masters whose space vehicle didn’t have the right gear for a safe landing on the relatively undeveloped Bugg CAPITAL CITY space port.
   Heroically, Mr. Bugg, clad in official military gear including a new-fangled tail stabilizer, and son Alfred, stayed behind on Utopeyah to work at investigating and possibly defusingThe Strange Weapon and attend to galaxy-control devices on lower and middle levels of their transisterized residence. Later they escaled to the relaxer atop a used, made-over spacecraft where they let off gobs of bolt-magnetism.
   Home Deputy Over-Master Dr. Bugg piloted er party of visiting galaxy diplomats to the panicked BUGG CAPITAL CITY to debate counter-war against the as-yet unknown attacker.

   All the many diplomats in and out of flight around the known universes had their own ideas about the cause of the problem and how to solve it. 

   Dr.Bugg had risen to the post of Deputy of HOME because of her deep studies in and well documented actions in and mastery of inter-galactic relationships in a galaxy made up of sovereign planets relating acrimoniously.


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Dressed for war in his uniform, Mr. Bugg poses for a shot next to The thing.

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Some sort of a denigration is meant – by a loud screech, "Pacifier!"
      The rude noise jars awake most of the thousands of HOME galaxy delegates in the Grand Hall of the HOME galaxy on the planet Winkle.   
      Scratchy squeaking ensues. Some delegates gather on the circular wall of the galaxy auditorium and some on other walls. As unusual, some roused neutrals gather on the ceiling. What is happening?
      RE, the galaxy Overmaster, argues in a grating whine from the top table in the Grand Hall.  He declares that all efforts by all honorable Buggs of a suitable slant will be rallied to exterminate The Spreaders of Heinous InBuggy Things! They are evil and vile and they smell too much like spinach!
     In deadly serious tones, RE tells the delegates that
General Bugg reports from HOME Command Center, Utopeyah, that he supects that the nasty weapons could destroy the HOME galaxy.
     ER, Dr. Lady Bugg, Deputy to RE, calms the perturbed delegates, saying NO! in a soft, caressing whisper to RE's extermination suggestion. Sparks zing around the Capital City auditorium.
      ER argues that HOME must mount a mighty Research Project to determine the identity of the Insidious Force that spread the weapons on planets throughout the galaxy.. All kinds of BUGGS exist, ER points out. Some may be bad.
Also, Miscreants from strange places on other universes might have infiltrated!  "The whole truth will save the galaxy..."
     As ER, Dr. Bugg, speaks in a soothing voice, a 950-degree smarm floods into HOME Capital City's main auditorium. But it doesn't silence ER.  
    Above the turmoil, Deputy Dr. Bugg calmly explains, with documentation, that HOME has sniveled and swiveled into a patheticker for two reasons.  One. The HOME Ritt rests on the disunity principle mucky. HOME planets do not govern the galaxy democratically or federate in order to deal with galaxy problems under galaxy law to be made by galaxy leaders.... Two. The consequences of RE's tendency to gofer extermination of other civilizations on suspicion, could backfire on HOME planets. Let reason prevail Deputy Bugg implores.
     Agreeing to adjourn per lightquarter, the delegates break for a formal livelier at the Buggs Mountain-top home and galaxy Command Center.      There, affable and wise Mr. Bugg, dressed in his black, red and yellow military gear with its new-fangled tail stabilizer, await the return of Dr. Bugg, ER, and selected other HOME delegates on the Mountain Top landing pad.





Mr. Reserve General Bugg awaits the arrival of Dr. ER Bugg and the delegation from the Capital City on the planet Winkle, now in near orbit.

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We see action of events leading up to the 950-degree smarm that flooded into a Bugg's HOME galaxy conference room on the planet Winkle. Despite the chaos of the smarm, Deputy Overmaster ER, Dr.Bugg, persuaded the delegates to vote to unite the galaxy's planets politically.   A grand research of HOME's being mysteriously attacked will be pursued in an orderly way. War has been avoided – maybe.




            OH  MY  GOD

        War against every nation we suspect of terrorism
        War against locals that live in our nation’s turf too?
       The muscle-bound U.N.
       The narrowly focused human mind above all?

       And what have we here to accompany this mighty, weighty and possibly absurd meditation?
       What except a video of a “Not in My Name peace rally” that took place October 6, 2002 in Central Park - (others took place in San Francisco and other cities on other dates. )  That’s what you have been looking at already in fact - if you clicked where it said click and waited 5 minutes for the video to come on.   Meanwhile, we’ll get on with the show by trying to answer this question:
       Where is peace at?
       Peace is at enforceable world law, not at great anti-war rallies.
       Prove it!
       O.K. But first look at the adjoining BIG anti-war rally in Central Park Oct.6, almost two years ago.
       O.K.   Maybe.
Well, then.   We – all of us – more or less respectively, should face The Big Question now.
       And that is?
       That is, can humanity long survive if we all continue to be smellied into The Dark Woods by red herrings drawn across our own narrow lines of interest?
       Narrow?!   Our wars, finished, un-finished and just starting, they are narrow?
       Yes.   Yes.   Yes.   They are narrow in the light of being distractions that we are happy to abide, instead of dealing with the abolition of war practically.   We must learn to be advocates not of anti-war but of peace through world law and justice, through political principles denigrated for being sweet, pure, holy, idealistic and off the wall principles embedded in the ideals of our own national federal democracies.
       What you’re saying is only that the world needs to be governed in order to be able to outlaw war!  
       Yeah!   Sure.   What else might work? Fighting one war leads to the need to fight others until we come to a finish beyond which there is nothing left for our laughing, fighting, struggling human kind.
       And today?
       Here we – meaning and a World Government [quarterly] Report – refer to the anti-war rallies as generally useful and necessarily peaceful if successful – but far from being enough. Still their grassroots, urgent and unexpected boom, just might herald emphasis on the structural, constitutional means needed as a guide for the etablishment of world peace.
       Everyone is anti war – on his/her own terms. The gestation and birth of a decision-making system ratifible by all nations needs to be envisioned by all nations.   What else could outlaw war acceptable to all and in a to-be-stated time?
       In all this a U.S. resolution initiative might be viewed as a loud call for not only disarmament but for the creation starting now of a world constitution dedicated to global disarmament - and to peace under a rule of a world democratic federation of all nations.





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What we have here - generally - is a meditation on what it might take for humanity to build a stay against nuclear war - meaning of course war with lesser weapons of mass destruction too.



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What about the future of people on earth?    A world-federalist colleague for decades, a writer of a book-to-be on the subject, here in New York to make and send back to Australia a TV report on speakers at the U.N., Sept.12, Keith Suter stopped in for a visit.    In the video he points to cross-lines he drew to separate definitively four possible futures for human world affairs.     Clockwise, starting from the bottom right, the first of four clearly foreseen futures entails no change; the second entails Earth; Inc.; third, a Wild State; and the one he favors, creation of a human future made peaceful and pointed to by him at top-right of his cross-lines.

Survival requires peace; peace, justice;
justice, law; law,government;
World Peace Requires World Government.